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Acne Scar

Q. How do we treat Acne Scar or Pit?

Nowadays we have very good options for treatment of acne scars

Peels: this is the most basic for your acne marks..6 to 8 sessions are needed.

Dermaroller: gives excellent results in 4 to 6 sessions.

Microneedling Radiofrequency : gives very good scar reduction and skin tightening best suited for older patients with acne scars.

PRP: Its a solution rich in platelets which is prepeared from the patients own blood. The scar skin is treated with PRP solution which causes the scars to fill up from within as it contains lot of growth factors.

Fractional co2 laser: Best laser available for acne scar reduction 2 to 3 session are needed

Subcision: This is done for the stubborn scars and help to lift up the scars. It’s a simple and inexpensive technique.

TCA Cross: Done for stubborn scars. A special solution is applied into the scars which helps the scar to reduce in size.

All the above therapies can give upto 70 to 80%reduction in acne scars depending on the type of scars.

Q. Are these procedures safe ?

Yes they are very safe. You need to follow the post procedure instructions given by the doctor.

Q. What procedure is good for my Scars?

Choice of treatment depends on the type of scars. Normally any 2 of the above discussed therapies are combined to give the best results. They are chosen after complete evaluation of the patient acne before and after treatment.

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