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Skin Lightening

Q. What causes Pigmentation or Dark Spots on the Skin?

1. Suntan

2. Acne marks

3. Hormonal changes like in pregnancy and at menopause

4. Age relates skin dullness

5. Stress

6. Allergy to cosmetics

7. Vitamin deficiency esp vit B12

Q. What home care can be done to prevent Skin Darkening?

Good diet, lots of fluid, use sunscreen.

Q. How do i which sunscreen is good for you?

Look for the following in a sunscreen. It should have uvb and uva protection, spf at-least 30, oil free matte touch, non comedogenic (which means will not cause or increase pimples).

Q. What treatment do we offer?

After complete evaluation of the patient we first establish the cause of pigmentation and start by treating the basic skin problem like acne or hormonal imbalance. Along with this we start any one of the following treatment options

1. Peels

2. Skin polish

3. Laser

Q. How do the peels work?

Peels are the most effective treatment for pigmentation and tanning. Depending on the type of pigmentation and the age of the patient we choose different peels like Glycolic, TCA, yellow peel, Cosmelan, Lactic, Pyruvic, Salycylic, Mandelic. Peel works by removing the upper dead cell layer of the skin which smoothens the skin. Later the peel penetrates deeper into the skin and removes the pigmentation in the deeper layers giving a skin brightening and reduction of the marks and patches.

Q. How is a peel done and how much time does it take?

For the peel we first cleanse the skin with a sensitive cleanser, dry the skin and apply the peel solution. As soon as it is applied the patient feels a bit of itching sensation and mild burning like a bleach application which is normal. During this process the peel penetrates deeper into the skin. After sometime ie.5 to 10 minutes depending on the patients comfort and skin tolerance the peel is neutralised and then a soothing cream with sunscreen is applied. The whole process takes 10 to 15 minutes and patient can leave immediately.

Q. What is the post peel care ?

You can continue your daily routine of travelling to work or college. You need to strictly use a sunscreen and moisturiser, some dryness and peeling of skin may happen generally with stronger medium depth peels. The visible benefits can be seen after 4 to 5 days.

Q. What is the number of sessions and gap between the sessions? and How many sessions are needed ?

Number of sessions depends on the type of pigmentation. 4 to 8 sessions may be needed but the doctor will tell you the type of peel and number of sessions and the expected results. Sessions are done every 15 days for best results.

Q. What is advance skin lightening treatment ?

This treatment is done for patients who do not respond to the regular peels or who have stubborn pigmentation like melasma, age related skin pigmentation etc. It consisits of a combination of glycolic peel with an advanced peel consisting of retinol, arbutin, kojic acid, salicylic. This peel gives faster and better results.

Q. What is skin polish?

Skin polish also called as microdermabrasion uses fine aluminium cryatalline powder to gently exfoliate or remove the upper few dead cells to smoothen the skin and give an even tone. It is  best for instant brightening and lasts for some days. Deeper polishing helps to reduce acne scars also.

Q. What is laser toning?

Laser toning is another way of brightening the skin instantly along with bleaching the hair on the face. It is very safe and gives instant results. Excellent for clients who have forgotten to bleach or can’t tolerate bleach. It is done with a Q Switch Ndyag laser machine.

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