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Skin Tightening

Q. Why do we need Skin Tightening ?

Ageing of the body and skin is a natural process. The effects of age on the skin are generally visible in mid thirties. The first sign of aging is dullness of the skin and open pores. As the years roll on by the age of 40 most people start noticing the lines around the eye and on the forehead. Between 40 to 50 yrs of age there are variable changes depending on stress, genetics, heredity, hormonal changes and menopause in females which determine the extent of increase in wrinkles. Aging mainly happens due to loss in the collagen and elastic substances in the skin which causes the wrinkles and the loss of tone in the muscles on the face which causes the sagging around the jaw line and the neck.

Q. What are the changes due to aging on the Skin ?

Early changes: dull skin, open pores, roughness, fine lines under the eyes

Later changes: wrinkles or lines on the forehead and sides of the eyes, laugh lines

Advance aging changes: sagging around the eyes with under eye bags, flattening of the cheeks, sagging around the jaw line, and visible neck bands.

Q. Who can do skin Tightening ?

Skin tightening can be done for anyone who has the above mentioned changes visible on the skin. Depending on the changes the type of treatment is decided.

Q. What are the ways for Skin Tightening ?

The various ways for skin tightening are

1. Botox

2. Intense Pulse Light

3. Microneedling RF



Q. How does the various skin tightening treatments work ?

Most of the skin tightening devices or lasers act on the principle of stimulation of the cells in the inner layers and increase the collagen which inturn helps to smoothen the wrinkles and tighten the skin.

Q. How many session do you need ?

Depending on the type of machine selected the number of session vary.

1. IPL: is the mildest method of skin tightening so needs atleast 6 to 8 session

2. Microneedling RF: 4 to 6 sessions

3. Fractional CO2: 3 to 4 session depending on the need.

4. HIFU: With HIFU we need to do one session only and the effect may last for upto 1 year.

Q. How long  does the effect last ?

The effect of all skin tightening procedures lasts till you maintain the skin and do the sessions at regular interval.

Q. What happens immediately after the session?

Immediately after the session there may be mild redness or no changes at all. After the fractional co2 and micro needling RF there is redness on the skin and some peeling for 2 to 3days before the skin returns to normal.

Q. What is the right age to do skin tightening procedure?

Generally age related skin changes start after the age of 30,so post 30 would be an ideal age for skin tightening.

Q. How does Botox cause skin tightening ?

Botox is given along the jaw line which gives a well defined jaw line. Botox is also given as mesobotox for reducing open pores.

Q. What parts can be treated?

We can treat all body parts especially face, neck, abdomen, thighs, hands.

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