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Laser Hair Reduction

Advantages Of Permanent Hair Reduction

  • Permanently reduce hair.... safely and privately

  • No pigmentation or rashes

  • Boost your self-confidence

  • Prevent razor bumps and irritation

  • Helps prevent body odour

  • FDA-Cleared Lasers

  • Saves time and cost of threading waxing and parlor visits

  • Special packages available for hassle-free payment options and discounts



1. What Are The Most Popular Areas For Laser Hair Removal ?

The most popular areas are female facial hair, underarm hair,

legs in women. Earlobe, beard shaping and back hair for men.


2. Laser Technology Is In Use Since When ?

The laser was first used nearly 50 years ago! Laser hair removal began about 12 to 15 years ago,


3. What Is The Difference Between An Ipl And A Laser ?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, it has a lamp used to give different wavelength lights ,so different from laser but is multipurpose and gives good results. Laser is more effective and safe.


4. How Is Laser Hair Removal Different From Electrolysis Hair Removal ?

Electrolysis was done in days when laser was not available. Now a day’s only place it is used is for grey or white hair.


5. What Is The Best Choice Of Laser My Skin And Hair ?

For Indian skin type which ranges from type 4 to 6 generally the diode and NdYaG LASER are best as they are the safest and give the quickest result. Diode in motion is the latest type and best mode in terms of result and time consumed.


6. What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal ?

Laser hair removal is a lunch time procedure. There is no recovery time. Patients can return to work or play immediately.


7. How Old Do You Have To Be For Laser Hair Removal ?

Ideal age for starting laser hair removal is after 15 years in girls and after 18 years in boys.

This is done so to be sure about whether the puberty growth is completed.


8. What Happens During The Laser Session ?

The concerned area for laser is demarcated with a white marker. Shaving is done after assessment by the doctor. Then the laser session is done. During the session the patient experiences a bit of heat sensation and some pinprick.


9. I Have Dark Skin But I Am Tired Of Shaving And Dealing With Shave Bumps And Ingrown Hairs. Would Laser Hair Removal Work For Me ? Is It Safe For My Skin ?

Our diode laser takes care of the in growth to a large extent. So you can always opt for laser if in growths trouble you. Diode laser is best suited for Indian skin type so you need not worry.


10. How Many Sessions Are Required For The Desired Result ?

Generally 6 to 8 session are needed in females with no hormonal imbalance. Otherwise a thorough evaluation is done and patient is counselled about the number of sessions.


11. What Is The Cost ?

Cost varies according to the part and number of sessions, from

Rs. 1500 for upperlip to Rs. 5000 for bikini for a single session. For best convenience of the patient at Dr Ruchi’s Skin Clinic we provide special discounted packages for hassle free hair removal.

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